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Bobby Shmurda, Rowdy Rebel and four other defendants appeared in front of the Manhattan Supreme Court today, and were given an official trial date of October 5. Prosecutors also put in their recommendations for their respective bids as part of plea deals, giving 7 years for Rowdy, and 8 years for Bobby, though both of their lawyers turned them down.

“I’m surprised by the recommendation,” his lawyer, Kenneth Montgomery, said, “Especially as they’ve been dragging these kids up here like they’re Public Enemy No. 1.” Rowdy’s attorney, Javier Solano, echoed the same sentiments, adding, “Usually they’re heavy-handed.”

The trial is expected to last anywhere from two to four months. Considering they’ve already been in there for 6 months now, that’s slight work!

Meanwhile, Bobby recently spoke with XXL about being left off this year’s Freshman cover due to his unfortunate circumstances. Check out a few excerpts below.

On how he’s feeling:

“I’m good. I’m writing, keeping my spirits up. I’m being treated good by some of the C.O.’s, some of them be hatin’. Yeah, but everybody else be treating me good. I get it in the hallways, a lot of love from the inmates.”

On not being able to make the cover:

“Not really a frustration. A disappointment, but not really a frustration.”

On his upcoming trial:

“Just pray for me.”

Read the full interview over at XXL.

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