As one of the biggest celebrities, Kim Kardashian is no stranger to hate and criticism. This past weekend some troll decided to take a still frame of her infamous sex tape with Ray J, print it onto a large flag and wave it around during Kanye West’s set at the Glastonbury Music Festival. Does this make them a legend for being so risky and fearless or did they take it a bit too far?

While some found it hilarious and considered the troll a hero…



Others begged to differ and seemed quite disappointed…


Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.26.10 AM

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.28.19 AM

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.26.34 AM

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.26.59 AM

Which side of the fence are you on?

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