If you have updated your phone within the last day you will see that you now have the option of Apple Music. Yes, everything Drake and many other musicians are raving about. The streaming app is located right in you music app on all Apple products. For only $10 a month individually and $15 for a 6 member family the music app is all yours to explore and listen to. The app has a 30 million song library, music videos, and exclusive radio stations.

Here’s a few tips to get the most out of Apple Music:

Choose Your Music:


The “For You” tab is for you! So use it, customize your favorite hits and it will generate playlist that fit your needs for you.

Choose A Playlist:


By selecting the “New” tab you are able to select music playlist by your mood, favorite genre, composer, etc.

Listen To The Radio:



Listen to the Radio Apple style. You’re able to listen to the radio as if you were listening to HOT 97 with Ebro, but you have the comfort of Ebro designing the radio plays you want! Thats right we have our very own Ebro, hosting the radio and  choosing your hits! You can’t go wrong with this section.

Feel Like A Celebrity With Exclusive Music Only For You:


Listen and view exclusive songs only created for Apple Music, like Pharrell’s new hit “Freedom.” Apple Music is competing with streaming services like Tidal, where you can only listen and watch music on their network, and partnering up with celebrities offering the same thing.

Remember The Times With Mike And Other Artists:


Watch old and new videos from your favorite artists in high resolution. So even if your video was made back in the 80’s, you still have 2015 quality thanks to Apple Music.

Download the app and let us know what you think.

About The Author Justina Moffett

Intern Writer that attends Howard University from the Hampton Roads area. Specialized in PR and Entertainment Journalism.

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