The problem in the tech industry is that there aren’t alot of women or minorities in it, and it has been documented both on TV shows like Silicon Valley, or in real life like at Google’s revelation last year.  Apple has obviously realized the problem and have decided to do something about it. Apple plans to donate more than $50 million to non-profit organizations supporting minorities.

Apple’s human resources chief Denis Young Smith told Fortune that the company is  working with many non-profits to increase the diversity, then went on to say:

“We wanted to create opportunities for minority candidates to get their first job at Apple. There is tremendous upside to that and we are dogged about the fact that we can’t innovate without being diverse and inclusive.”

Young Smith not only said Apple is fighting for minorities and women, but also trying to help out employees of other sexual orientations. To name a few, one of the non-profits Apple is donating to is called the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, which helps students enrolled in historically black (and public) colleges and universities. The Thurgood Marshall Fund will recieve $40 million to get a new database of computer science majors at the colleges and universities. Apple is also offering these students a paid internship program.

 Another organization Apple is working with is called the National Center for Women and Information Technology, and they are getting a generous $10 million. This money is to be used for scholarships and internships, in hopes to reach 10,000 middle school girls over four years. Young Smith also said:

“In any of these programs we’re really trying to provide focus, impact and a ripple effect–not just on Apple.”

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