Imagine all you had to do was swipe your screen to get a job? Well, a new app called Switch is claiming this can happen. Switch allows the user to create a profile with their resume. While swiping through companies, the user’s information is mostly confidential until both the user and company connect together. The app has a quick messenger to use as well as exchanging emails.

In addition to just using the app, a job seeker can recieve a daily list of 21 job recommendations based on your criteria. The app’s creator Yarden Tadmor said he was inspired to launch Switch since there is a lack of digital evolution in employment sites. He went on to say:

“I personally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on recruiting firms and hunters and saw it as an opportunity to automate that software and provide consumers with a mobile-first solution.”

According to Tadmor, there are currently more than 100,000 users and the site has more like a 1,000 companies linked up. The companies offering jobs include Amazon, Facebook, eBay and Walmart – with most jobs being technical positions. He says there are a few none tech roles and it is slowly but surely starting to include jobs in other fields such as  retail, sales and finance.

Since the app is just starting up, most of the positions are only in Boston, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Seattle, San Francisco and Austin, Texas, but is soon moving out to everywhere. Tadmor said:

“We’re still improving our product and growing the scale.”

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