Just about everything that comes out of Kanye’s mouth is worth writing down. Whether it’s just one of his tweets or a recent interview, he always has something to say. Wonder Shuttle and pxlfctry realized this and have teamed up to create an e-book titled The World According to Kanye. This book is pure Yeezus knowledge.

In the book, it is divided and so if you need some advice on art you can find it fast, or life, love, style, clothes… Kanye has advice for it all. Herbert Lui, the book’s creator told Complex that he hopes the book inspires readers with more confidence like that of West. Herbert also said

“I just hope it inspires even just one reader to do something they’d always thought about doing. To kind of push past their inner critic that’s paralyzing them and to take action.”

The book has illustrations by Jerry Zoumis and Cornelia Baptista helped work on the layout. Check out some photos below from the book, and if you like it download the e-book for free here. If this has become your new bible, you can always donate to Donda’s House so the organization can continue to enable more artists.

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