Since 9 innocent church-goers lost their lives last month after Dylan Roof opened fire at the Emanuel AMC Church in Charleston, SC, 3 Muslim non-profit organizations have come together to raise money to rebuild black churches that have been burned down throughout southern states.

Ummah Wide, The Arab-American Association of New York, and Muslim ARC have teamed up to create an online campaign Respond With Love, which launched on July 2. The organization calls heavily upon Muslims to donate during the month of Ramadan, but welcomes any donation. Initially the Respond With Love hoped to gain $20,000, but have exceeded their goal not even a week after their launch. They’ve now pushed up their goal to $30,000, and are quite close to reaching it.

The campaign calls for solidarity and understanding that all houses of worship-regardless of religion or races-are scared. Their description states:

“We want for others what we want for ourselves: the right to worship without intimidation, the right to safety, and the right to property,”

When asked about the relevance between the Muslim and African American community, a spokesperson said,

“We must always keep in mind that the Muslim community and the black community are not different communities. We are profoundly integrated in many ways, in our overlapping identities and in our relationship to this great and complicated country.”

We are glad to see members of difference races and religions coming together for a greater purpose.

You can donate to the cause, here.



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