This year, social media was divided on whether or not we (people of color) should celebrate the Fourth of July.  Technically, it’s a holiday that commemorates the day America became free of British tyranny but when “all men were created equal,” that did not include black men, women or even children.

In light of recent events, it’s more evident than ever that as a nation, we have a long way to go until black people and white people are treated equally in America.

This year, on the fourth of July, an unexpected artist took a surprising stance.

‘ have we truly achieved our independence ‘

A photo posted by Usher (@howuseeit) on

During his highly anticipated performance at the 2015 Essence Festival, Usher rocked a shirt and jacket to wake up the thousands of fans in the audience and those watching online. The back of his fitted leather jacket read, “Have we truly achieved our independence?”

The shirt he rocked underneath had the words Fourth of July crossed out, will Juneteenth stood out boldly on the white background.  With his international following and diverse fan base, his stance has been met with criticism from fans but now, Usher is moving forward with the sale of his shirts.    

You can buy one, here.

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