A$AP Ant joined A$AP Mob back in 2009, and since have proved himself. He is now ready to release a solo tape to the fans, after performing with Rocky at Coachella and being featured on a ton of Mob projects. A$AP Ant recently sat down with VIBE with his older brother DJ Nick by his side, to discuss what Yams had in mind for the Mob:

“Before Yams had passed, he left us the blueprints of how A$AP Mob should be. He left the blueprints for us, now it’s up to us to live them out. Yams’ mother had a dream where Yams had said, ‘Tell A$AP Lou to look at something.’ And that was the blueprints right there.”

A$AP Ant is the only member to be from Baltimore, and after becoming cool with Yams first he had to earn respect from everyone else in the mob:

“I had to prove myself to A$AP Mob. I used to beg Rocky to perform ‘Coke & White B***hes‘ but I had to learn to be patient. It wasn’t time for me to be on stage.”

Stay tuned for more from A$AP Ant, but for now check out the entire interview below!


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