The Gallery Guichard in Chicago has caused some controversy with their latest artwork, “Confronting Truths: Wake Up!” The artwork centerpiece is a life-size replica of Micheal Brown’s dead body at the Ferguson, MO crime scene after being shot down by white police officer Darren Wilson.

The 18-year-old is portrayed faced down, with cones and yellow police tape surrounding the area.

Ti-Rock Moore, the white artist behind the exhibit and a New Orleans native, is known for having most of her artwork reflect race issues, inequality, and reference white privilege. She believes that artwork can heal and hopes to keep Mike Brown’s memory alive.

“My work is conceptual and reactive, and has been described as courageous and avant-garde. Honestly and frankly I explore white privilege through my acute awareness of the unearned advantage my white skin holds.”

Of course the provocative art work has caused both positive and negative reactions. While some believe that the artwork is too raw and disrespectful, Brown’s mother Leslie McSpadden approved of the exhibit and plans to see it in person herself.

The exhibit is free and will run until August 10, just a day after the 1-year anniversary of the incident.

And older piece by Moore, “Black Angel.”

Black Angel

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