It’s not surprising that many celebs become robbery victims. Their lavish lifestyles can catch the eyes of many, including those who are willing to illegally go above and beyond for even just a handful of money.

Chris Brown became the latest victim of a home invasion and robbery early Wednesday morning. Luckily, Breezy was just getting out of a Hollywood nightclub while the intruders raided the house and wasn’t present or harmed. However, his aunt who was staying the night was shoved into a closet and held at gunpoint while they scavenged the home.

Authorities say they believe the intruders knew the “Loyal” singer lived there and intentionally targeted the home. His mom seems to agree, tweeting shortly after the incident:


When you have as much money as Breezy does, I guess it comes natural to post flashy Instagram pics, but maybe the Lamborghini, private jet and mansion pictures indirectly encouraged the robbery.

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Source: TMZ

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