It’s been quite a year for Bruce Jenner- from denying any changes at all, to making headlines on every media outlet once transitioned into Caitlyn Jenner. Some love and support it- inlcuding those at the ESPYs who awarded Caitlyn her first award, The Arthur Ash Award, post transition- and others were sure to express their negative thoughts and feelings.

However, some of the biggest athletes have remained supportive of Jenner on her new chapter in life. Kobe Bryant is the latest to give Jenner major props and support.

“I think people need to be comfortable being themselves, no matter what kind of live you live, you got to be comfortable being you- being comfortable in your own skin.”

When asked, “He’s one of the greatest champs of all time. As Caitlyn, do you think she could achieve the same greatness as Bruce?”

Kobe replied, “I don’t see why not.”

Source: TMZ

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