We thought it was more than fitting to dub tennis champion Serena Williams this weeks #WCW for several reasons. The main reason is to congratulate her on her sixth Wimbledon championship, her 21st Grand Slam (renamed “Serena Slam”) singles trophy overall and her fourth consecutive major title. The 2nd reason is to highlight this amazing woman for continuing to be the best female tennis player the world has ever seen, despite constant degradation from a racist and sexist media and tennis fans alike.

We have linked you to a full article running down the plight of the international tennis superstar who is plagued by a looming cloud of ever-flowing racial slurs and body shaming comments, as well as a video showing a glimpse of the struggles of an African American kick-ass tennis player in a racist society.

Williams deserves this weeks #WCW, because in 2015, she is proof that no matter how many wins you have, no matter how many people love you, there are still barriers black woman face everyday…champion or not. She is a BAWSE (Rick Ross voice) because who else can win their 4th straight Major title in a row, but only have people acknowledge that you need your eyebrows done? Very reminiscent of Gabby Douglass, the young Olympic gold medalist who was criticized for her un-permed hair.


Congrats again Ms. Williams, your tenacity inspires us!

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