The awards have been given, speeches have been made, and tears have been shed, now we can recap the 2015 ESPYS Awards. The ESPYS is an ESPN crossover award show that bridges hollywood and the athletic world together. Last night we experience courage, jokes, style, and honor and here’s 5 inspiring moments that caught our eyes.

1.Leah Still Thanks Everyone For Supporting Her


Bengal’s player Devon Still took the stage last night to accept the Jimmy V Perseverance Award for his daughter and delivered a heartwarming speech. Leah couldn’t be in attendance so she pre recorded a video to thank everyone who helped support her. Watch his speech below.

2. Caitlyn Jenner Accepts The Arthur Ashe Courage Award


Earlier this year Bruce Jenner announced that he was becoming a transgender woman and would like to be referred to as Caitlyn Jenner from then on. It was a courageous step that she was taking to become who she truly was. Last night the Espys honored that bravery with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. Listen to her speech below.

3. An Emotional Tribute to Lauren Hill


Lauren Hill couldn’t be in attendance last night for the Espy awards but her parents were there to accept the “Best Moments” award for the athlete. Instead of giving up after being diagnosed with a deadly brain tumor Lauren played basketball and pursued her dream. Months after being on the court she loss her life to the illness at 19. The beautiful tribute dedicated to lauren was breathtaking and beyond emotional.

4. Steph Curry Wins Best NBA Player & Best Male Athlete


Last night was a win win for Steph Curry he won two awards “Best NBA Player & Best Male Athlete.” He recently just welcomed another baby girl into the world and as Riley would put it he is “Waaayyyy Up.” Watch his acceptance speech below.

5. US Soccer Team Wins “Best Team” Award


The U.S soccer team won its first World Cup since 1999. One of the athletes stated:

“On behalf of whole team couldn’t thank everyone who couldn’t be here did it for america and fans we love u so much and I’m so happy that we have these girls to celebrate this with this has been best 10 days of our lives.”

Check out their speech below.

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