So if you see a guy with blonde dreads now, apparently it can only be Fetty Wap…because NO other man in the world has blonde dreads.

Via LifeIsTremendez:

Some 19-year-old kid says he got slapped by a female at a Shop Rite in Paramus, New Jersey on Friday night, and then beat up by a group of her male friends…led by, he says, none other than Fetty Wap. Why would Fetty be at a Shop Rite in Paramus? Why would he be beating up 19-year-old store clerks? Why can he just say Fetty‘s name, and it becomes a news report this quickly with zero evidence?

The clerk told cops he THINKS one of the attackers was Fetty, but admits he’s “not positive,” however. He only suffered minor injuries and doesn’t want to press charges, but cops can still arrest Fetty if they find out it was him.

Check out the video that shows absolutely nothing but a guy with blonde dreads below.

Source: TMZ

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