When contract negotiations aren’t working out, I guess racism is one way to look at it?

Via LifeIsTremendez:

Cable providers often go toe to toe with certain channels as they try to hammer out contracts, and unfortunately, this results in the channels being dropped from their network sometimes when negotiations don’t work out. Such seems to be the case with AT&T and the Starz Network, and 50 Cent is none too pleased about it.

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, 50 called out AT&T for being “racist,” saying that their dropping of Starz was because it is an “urban friendly” channel. 50‘s popular show, Power, airs on this channel.

“Man Im sorry I have to say this, but AT&T is racist they have had issues in the past and here we go again. 500,000 homes will not be able to view the next episode of POWER,” Fif wrote in his first post. He continued with a few others, before eventually both AT&T and Starz issued statements of their own.

“Starz and their paid talent can spin up whatever they like, but the bottom line is we’re NOT going to negotiate a deal that is bad for customers. In these negotiations, our customers are all that matter to us.”

Starz then released their statement:

“Starz has enjoyed a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with AT&T until now. We are hopeful AT&T will negotiate in good faith and that we will reach a fair agreement.”

Wonder how Starz feels about 50’s statements!

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