Kendrick Lamar recently teamed up with Reebok and created a Ventilator design of his own. Lamar used the outlet to send a powerful message against gang violence. The off-white sneakers have “Blue” printed on the back of the left shoe and “Red” on the back of the right one. Evidently K. Dot was trying to bring rival gang members, the Bloods and the Crips, together with a simple pair of shoes.

Kendrick Lamar Reeboks

The Compton native shared a video on his YouTube page of a Blood and a Crip discussing the importance of the message encrypted in K.Dot’s Reebok design.

Piru member G Weed explained how music can influence a generation.

“Music is real influential, and you got people like Kendrick that’s promoting unity. Everything starts with kids. I think these kids wanna be cool with each other, no matter what neighborhood they grow up in. The message behind the new Kendrick Lamar shoe is uniting red and blue, where we all can exist, and respect each other and love one another”

Jigga, member of the Crips, added,

“This message is just about a whole lot of peace and unity, and Kendrick is just really giving us a reason, and giving us an understanding of why we should have unity, or why we should really wanna do this.”

If Pirus and Crips all got along they’d be rocking a nice pair of Reeboks and talking to each other like this.

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