While most people limit their interaction with their barbers to only 30 minutes every 2 weeks, Drake has a close relationship with his barber Jason Macaraig, a.k.a JMac. So much so, that the Canadian crooner made sure to stop by JMac’s wedding this past Thursday (July 16)…and naturally stole the show.

The 6 God made sure to take the mic and podium to wish the newly weds the best of luck, while jokingly reminding JMac,

“You might be married but man’s still need their hair cut though”

Lately it seems like we can’t blink twice without the “Energy” rappe dropping a new song, and there might be a new one on the way. Drake used the wedding platform to perform a new song, which sounds like a possible remix of D.R.A.M’s “Cha Cha.” Check out the video which was first posted by Complex below.

Overall, Drake and the guests seemed to have enjoyed their time.

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