While President Obama was on his way to visit a local federal prison to speak on reforms, a group of protesters led by a black man Andrew Duncomb waived their confederate flags exercising their freedom of speech. The group met the President as he was entering his hotel, waiving their flags, believing that the flag represents “heritage” not “hatred.” The groups leader spoke with news outlet KFOR and stated:

“We don’t believe it’s a symbol of racism. They’re blaming the racist problems on the flag and not on the real problems of America.”

The President continued his stay in Oklahoma speaking to a high school on economic opportunity and met with a officials at a Federal prison in EL Reno. At the prison he met with six non violent offenders and had a 45 minute discussion with them. After the discussion President Obama stated:

“When they describe their youth and their childhood, these are young people who made mistakes that aren’t that different from the mistakes I made and the mistakes a lot of you guys made. The difference is they did not have the kind of support structures, the second chances, the resources that would allow for them to survive those mistakes.”

The President’s visit will be aired on HBO this fall.

About The Author Justina Moffett

Intern Writer that attends Howard University from the Hampton Roads area. Specialized in PR and Entertainment Journalism.

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