Joey Bada$$ is coming for the media’s neck and sticking by Bill Cosby’s side during this entire controversy. Of course he says that he doesn’t defend a rapist, but he goes on to explain why he is sticking by Cosby’s side and why he thinks Cosby has been in the headlines so much.

Joey first took to Twitter, then later to snapchat when people became upset over his remarks. In the snaps Joey goes on to say:

“Bill Cosby’s one of the oldest Black, honorable men right now. I say that just to let y’all know that makes him a fucking threat. That makes him a target. If Bill Cosby decides to say anything that goes against what the people that’s higher don’t want him to say, then they ridicule him. He gets crucified.”

Bada$$ also then says this entire Cosby situation could simply be a distraction for the public from other actual important news. This is simply all a reason for White Americans to hate Black people, to discredit Bill Cosby’s legacy for future generations, or he could just be a racist… Joey is still not going to let this go without claiming that race plays a part. Joey states:

“I tell you this. They’re going extra hard because he’s a f*cking Black man,” Joey states. “I didn’t see [George] Zimmerman get slandered. I didn’t see Darren Wilson get slandered… We’re talking real murders and not alleged rapists.”

This is definitely going to give you something to think about. Watch him explaining himself below:

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