Kendrick Lamar’s first sneaker collaboration was with Reebok for the “Neutral” Reebok Ventilators, which he used as a platform to send an anti-gang/violence message.

Kendrick Lamar Reeboks

One designer decided to reiterate the message through a shoe design of his own. Reddit user i_Nate used a pair of Nike Air Max 1s as his canvas, having the toe box on the left shoe filled in with red paisley print, and the right one with blue paisley print. It’s not too clear whether the paisley print was sewed on fabric or custom drawn, either way the print resembles that of the bandanas and fabrics many gang members wear. His design is less subtle and probably more controversial than Lamar’s.


I_Nate finished off his design with tongue tags labeled with an “i.” The tags not only reference Lamar’s controversial “i” single cover art (which also portrays an anti-violence message) but also implies that the customizer must be a fan rather than someone who is just trying to steal Lamar’s message-filled shoe design.

Which would you rock?

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