“If there ain’t no justice than there ain’t no peace,” could very well be the theme chant of the past few years.  Whether it has been used to unite thousands at a state-sponsored march or RT’d on to your timeline, you’ve said it or read it within the past few years.  It’s a battle-cry that many of us are tired of saying and hearing, but this time around, iconic signer Prince is doing his best to bring light to fight against social injustice as he used the slogan in his lyrics for his new song, “Baltimore.”

During his ‘Rally4Peace’ concert in the eponymous city, weeks after the nationally-covered Freddie Gray protests, Prince debuted a new song to bring attention to #BlackLivesMatter movement.  Today, he released a video featuring images from the protests including the CVS that stayed in national news for weeks.

Watch the full video, below:


At the end of the video, he says, “The system is broken. It’s going to take the young people to fix it this time.  We need new ideas, new life…”

Do you agree?  Let us know in the comments, below.

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