Balancing the truth and the troll is our specialty here at Blameebro, so we decided to dive a little deeper into what Nicki Minaj’s rant about white award shows really meant.

Over at The Fader, they have pieced together an amazing article outlining the various racial disparities within one of the music industries most popular award show’s, MTV’s Video Music Awards. In the article, they outline themes such as the “R&B” category being changed to “Pop” and how racial issues never surfaced under the “Social Message” portion of the awards.

Now, although Minaj was specifically speaking in reference to the VMA’s during her rant, and how there has never been a black artist to win the best pop video award in the show’s 15 year existence, it doesn’t begin and end with the VMA’s. Almost all the music and film award shows have a very small percentage of black winners, whether they are more deserving than a white running mate or not.

For the truth? It’s sad to say, but music award shows have shown black people little to no recognition for their contributions to music. For the troll? Well…who said we need a white awards show to help boost our culture and give us recognition? There are enough wealthy black artist’s (minus 50 Cent) to be able to put an award show together that is FOR US BY US. The only question now would be who is bold enough to leave the system that has given them the cars, clothes, houses, etc. to stand for something that could change the course of music history?

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