In recent news, Lebron James & Warner Bros have formed a partnership. This partnership was made with Lebron’s partner Maverick Carter &  SpringHill Entertainment as well. They will be working with each other on material for TV, film and other outlets.

Hopefully one of these projects is the long awaited Space Jam 2 sequel we’ve been waiting for. While there’s still no official word, fans are celebrating on Twitter because of this:

We’ve complied 5 thing we feel Space Jam 2 has to have to be a success:

1. Lebron James costars have to Bugs Bunny and his bae, Lola. It’s only right that the Looney Tunes are the ones once again to help save the day.


2. Bugs needs to remix their game winning formula to “Lebron’s Secret Stuff.”


3. Instead of Jordan’s cast mates Bill Murray and Wayne Knight, Warner Bros should cast Will Ferrell and the fat dude from The Hangover series, Zach Galifianakis.


4. Lebron’s lead to Moron Mountain would have to include a remake of “The Decision.” In the original, MJ’s personal dilemma led him to Moron Mountain because he wanted to retire from the NBA to play in the MLB, which was something that happened in his personal life.  Lebron’s personal conflict would obviously have to include a personal letter posted to a major sports news outlet or a remake of the news conference that got his jerseys burned in Cleveland in the first place.


5. This final scene STILL HAS TO HAPPEN. There’s no way “Space Jam 2” will be good without it.




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