Via LifeIsTremendez:

A$AP Rocky has become well-known in the fashion world for his sophisticated taste and style, so when I read that he was interested in becoming the first black actor to play James Bond, I was with it. Now that the Harlem MC has broken into the acting world, with his debut performance in Dope, Rocky is confident that he’s the one to get the job done.

Here’s what he had to say in a recent interview with Esquire:

“We need a black James Bond. I’d get the job done and I’ll look better than any other Bond that has ever lived. All I need is a six-pack.”

Idris Elba was the first actor to be considered for the role, who was recommended by Chairwoman Amy Pascal from Sony Pictures (thanks, Sony email hack). Eventually Elba turned down the idea, which leaves an open spot for the Fashion Killa. Do you think Rocky can get the job done?

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