For almost every recent killing of a black person at the hands of police or violent citizens, there is a media report about the deceased’s use of marijuana.

Mainstream media seems to do its’ best to rummage up anything that will make black death less evil or justifiable, especially when the person on the other hand is white or non-black.  We saw this in the cases of Trayvon, Mike Brown and more.

Now, we are seeing it with the sickening death of 28-year-old Texas resident, Sandra Bland who was killed in police custody.  The DA recently ruled her death a suicide, but the rest of the world is still skeptical.

But, here’s the thing: Marijuana use in the U.S. is so common that it’s legal in 23 U.S. states and in Washington DC.  Now we have to ask, why is this a factor for criminalizing black victims of crime when statistics show most Americans use it for various reasons?

We wanted to make our point crystal clear.  So, we gathered 5 points to show you why marijuana use, in the case of Sandra Bland, DOES NOT and NEVER WILL MATTER.

1. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, over 19.8 million Americans use the drug and it’s the “most commonly used illicit drug” in the states.

2. Senior citizens are now moving to places with legalized marijuana to make sure they are able to use it for medicinal reasons without any trouble.  No really, it’s a thing.

3.  Marijuana is he safest “drug” to consume on the market, including the consumption of alcohol.  Nothing new here.

4.  Also, there is no evidence to support that black people are not the main consumers of marijuana. But we are the first to be acknowledged for using it and subsequently, arrested for it. 


Case in point, our reaction to these reports is a big ass ‘SO.’

Plus, with the inconsistencies in the #SandraBland case, we still need more people or the outside investigation the FBI has launched to confirm this before we believe anything coming out of Texas. 

Sign the petition to tell the Dept. of Justice to launch their own investigation, below.

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