The beef between rappers Meek Mill and Drake seems to keep heating up as Meek called Drake’s “Charged Up” diss “Baby Lotion Soft” during latest stop of Pink Print Tour.

While at the Barclay Center for Nicki Minaj’s Pink Print Tour Meek publicly addressed the diss. “I’m on twitter or something yesterday somebody said go head Meek he fired off on you. I heard that sh*t that sh*t was very soft. Baby lotion soft,” meek said to the crowd before getting into his hit “Levels.”

Today Meek is supposed to be responding on Funk Master Flex’s radio show at 7pm most likely with a diss of his own aimed at Drake. All of this is stemming from a twitter rant where Meek called out Drake and said “He don’t write his own raps,” and from there Saturday we were treated to a diss record called “Charged Up” by Drake, which you can listen to below. Stay with us as this situation heats up and let us know if you think “Charged Up” is baby lotion soft or not.

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