General Loretta E. Lynch said that the recent arrest and eventual death while in custody of Texas woman Sandra Bland brings attention to the anger and uneasiness of how blacks are treated by the police.

“I think that it highlights the concern of many in the black community that a routine stop for many of the members of the black community is not handled with the same professionalism and courtesy that other people may get from the police,” Lynch said in an ABC news program titled “This Week.”

Texas woman Sandra Bland was arrested July 10 after being pulled over for failing to signal a lane change and was found dead in her jail cell 3 days later.

Prairie View, Texas is home to Bland’s Alma matter and where she was on her way to before the traffic stop for a job interview with her former school. A counselor at the school told the New York Times “There is a whole class of citizens who get treated like second-class citizens.”

Local officials most disagree with that statement and say that the place is the opposite of that.

With everything that has been happening lately as far as blacks and law enforcement Sandra Bland’s death comes as another blow and another sad story for the relationship between African Americans and law enforcement. Bland was a woman who stood with the movement of against racial bias in law enforcement, and her death at the hands of the same thing she was standing up for makes the story even more tragic.

The officer who has been a police officer for almost two years now is being questioned about his behavior during the traffic stop and has made his own District Attorney unhappy with is actions. The State Department of Public Safety has said that he violated protocol and an investigation is underway.

Bland was eventually taken into custody at the Waller County Jail, which is ran by Sheriff R. Glenn Smith who is a controversial figure within the town. He’s been in several incidents with African Americans such as being sued by an African American couple for allegedly turning them away when they reported a white male had assaulted their 7-year-old son at Football practice.

Texas County’s racial past has left a stain on the death and is one of the main reasons people are wondering did Sandra Bland really commit suicide in her jail cell. The students of the surrounding university Prarie View A&M are moving around more cautiously hoping that another situation like this one arises. Do you think Sandra Bland’s death was race related? Let us know in the comments.


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