Sure, “F-uck Up Some Commas” is great but right now, we obviously need to focus a little less on songs for the club and more on spreading a little peace, love and humility.

Goodie Mob’s Cee-lo Green released “Robin Williams” on July 17 to remember the life and legacy of the late actor who tragically took his own life earlier this year.  Cee-lo’s new song reminds us to be grateful for the life we have and to treat others with a little more respect.

In fact, we were so inspired that we created a list of reasons to show why other artists should follow suit.

5 Reasons why need more songs like Robin Williams:

1. Laughter is good for the soul.
With the amount of frustration and helplessness we’ve dealt with this year by witnessing tragedy after tragedy within our own community, we could use a laugh or two.

2. One day you’re here and the next day you could be gone.
People are losing their lives left and right to suicide, shooting rampages, and police brutality to name a few. Songs like this help us to cherish the people around us while they are here.

3. We’re all battling something, no matter how strong we seem.
Next time you’re on the subway commuting back home after a long day at work smile at someone, hold the door or even say “thank you.” That may be the little act of kindness that saves a life or saves one from taking his or her own. We all have that hero inside of us.

4. Adding comic relief to hard times makes things easier to bare.
From Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor to Joan Rivers, comedy has always played a huge roll in easing the pain.

5. We haven’t had a “We Are The World” record since 1985.

This record may not have the same impact because we do not have more than one artist on this track BUT it is a great start.

It’s time spread love! STOP the hate and why?
Ceelo said it best, “We don’t know what the next man’s is going through.”

Take a look at the sentimental lyrics below:

Oh what a night, oh what a night, tears in my eyes, staring up at the sky in disbelief     I’ve got a voice in my head, voice in my head, that’s what it said, all we really need is some comic relief 

But I’m afraid of being able to laugh anymore (oh)
What’s life going to become one we don’t have anymore heroes? 

We don’t know what the next man’s going through, wish I could say it in a plainer way. I said we don’t know, life reminds me of Robin Williams; we’ve got to laugh the pain away . We don’t know what the next man’s going through, wish I could say it in a plainer way. I said we don’t know, life reminds me of Robin Williams;
We’ve got to laugh the pain away; 

Laugh the pain away

For the full song, listen below.


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