In today’s dose of irony a fellow rapper is suing Lil Wayne over unpaid royalties. If you’ve been keeping up with Lil Wayne over the past few months you would know he’s in a messy legal battle with former business partner and longtime friend Birdman over unpaid royalties upwards of $50 million dollars.

So David Banner suing Lil Wayne over unpaid royalties is ironic to say the least. Apparently Banner was never paid for his work on Lil Wayne’s critically acclaimed album “Tha Carter III.” Banner produced two tracks on the album “La La” and “P*ssy Monster” and claims he never seen any royalties for either track even after Young Money told him in 2012 they owed him $138,787.19 in royalties.

It doesn’t stop there. Banner also said the same thing happened with the 2009 track “Streets Is Watchin” which appeared on Young Money’s compilation album “We Are Young Money.” He claims he’s owed upwards of $15,392.57 for that track. Do you think Wayne is getting a taste of his own medicine? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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