Michael Jackson was a trendsetter basically his entire life, but his white gloves that he rocked were definitely a game changer and an iconic MJ style. Nate D. Sanders auction house is going to give a fan a lucky chance to own the very gloves he wore.

This exact glove was owned by MJ in 1984 and is covered in crystals. The bid will begin at $20,000 on July 30. Of course it’s only one glove, since he only wore one.

While Jackson was alive he gave it to an artist by the name of Paul Bedard, who is the one putting it up at the auction. Bedard was Jackson’s friend and painted lots of figures wearing Jackson’s signature look for walls of the Neverland Ranch. 44d33f56-60a8-445b-a9e7-617b86dcadd5-540x450_ns7ils

The auction is also going to bid a prototype of the leather biker jacket Jackson wore in the “Bad” music video. The starting bid for this item is 10K.



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