Either Safaree is #TeamDrake or the rapper/former boyfriend of Nicki Minaj is trying to get some buzz off the latest beef between Drake and Meek Mill.

The diss record entitled “Lifeline” was dropped last night via TMZ and he’s making some serious accusations. “ScaffBeezy” takes shots at Meek’s beef with Drake and also claims he ghostwrote on Nicki’s new album The PinkPrint.

Here’s some of the lyrics of the 3 minute “attempt” diss:

“You dream about Drake numbers in your nightmares, but ya’ll hating on me and my little career,” “No matter what you buy ni**a I’ll be right there, I’m in the back of her mind like a new ni**a,”

“This ni**a bent outta shape with a gorilla face/ My bars on The Pinkprint no one will ever match/ My d*ck print lil n*gga you could never match,”

Safaree should leave this rapping lifestyle to the big boys. Ebro and Hot 97 aren’t feeling the track either this is what they had to say about the latest diss:

Nicki later responded, thanking them for their support.

Check out the diss record:

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