We all know the story of the boy who cried wolf. In Ye’s case, he’s labeled as the man that lashes out of impulse and emotion at any given second when things don’t go his way. It’s so exhausting to the point that it’s hard to believe other wise would be the case in any scenario.

During last night’s closing ceremony where 40,000 Canadian’s gathered in Toronto to commemorate it’s athlete’s in their trail blazing 217- medal haul Pan Am Games, Kanye West who headlined the night seemed to be experiencing some technical difficulties with his mic during his performance. Nearly 15 seconds into Good Life went by before he realized he had enough… We can guess how this ordeal ended!! He threw his mic and waltz off stage in typical Kanye fashion without a good bye or simple apology. I guess since it wasn’t his fault he felt no obligation to address it to the crowd. Some seemed to be in utter disbelief by how he handled things.

Come on classssss…. Haven’t we learned by now, this is what you bargain for when a Kanye show doesn’t meet his perfection.

Take a look at the footage!

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