Not too long after the world had to hear about Sandra Bland’s tragic death comes another death of a black person at the hands of an on-duty officer, only this time even the police are saying this was uncalled for.

A decision came in earlier today to indict Officer Ray Tensing on murder charges for killing Sam Dubose, a 43-year-old Black man whose family says he was always full of laughs.

Although the indictment decision came today, the public has yet to see the video behind the decision, which some officials say could spark riots upon its release.

Video from the officer’s body camera shows a routine traffic stop going terribly wrong when DuBose leans toward the passenger seat and Tensing fires a single shot into his head. DuBose did not appear to be belligerent or aggressive before the officer fired.

Warning: disturbing video.

“It’s an absolute tragedy that anyone would behave in this manner,” said Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters. “It was senseless. It’s just horrible.

Tensing, 25, faces 15 years to life in prison if he’s convicted. Seems like the narrative is the same for all these incidents…”unarmed black man killed during traffic stop.” Hopefully the ending result wont be the same as it always is.

Tensing reportedly turned himself in to the Hamilton County police.

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