So by now i’m pretty sure everyone has heard Drake’s latest diss track towards Meek Mill, and it’s pretty serious. “Charged up” was like a warm up and “Back To Back” has Drake stepping over Meek Mill in game one of the finals. On the track Drakes a number of memorable lines aimed at Meek and they are all pretty quotable and hilarious. Check out our ranking of the lines below and let us know how you’re ranking them. Also, there are a lot of lines that didn’t make the cut. Drake really got Meek with this one.

5. “Ion wanna hear about this ever again/Not even when she tell him that they better as friends”

This comes a little later in the track but insinuating that this man will lose his girlfriend who he seems to be very in love with is not cool. Good shot Drake.

4. “I waited 4 days n*gga where ya’ll at/I drove here in a wraith playing AR-AB”

Okay. This may have gone over a few heads but AR-AB is a Philly rapper. Most likely he’s kind of local. With that being said, saying that he’s listening to AR-AB instead of Meek makes him less than local and is just plain out cold. Another good shot Drake.

3. Trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers/You getting bodied by a singing n*gga”

Now he’s taking a shot at the fact that Meek came to him on twitter, which was weak. Then he proceeds to say he’s getting bodied by a singing n*gga. What hardcore rapper wants to get bodied by a singer? This is a bad blow Meek.


2. Ya love her then you gotta give the world to her/Is that a world tour or ya girls tour/I know that you gotta be thug for her/This ain’t what she meant when she told you to open up to her”

When I heard this line I ran it back to back (no pun intended) just to hear this line again. It’s not Meek’s tour and this was a low blow. This is the blow that has Meek staggering on the ropes and probably honestly the most quotable line on the entire song.

1.I’m not the type of n*gga that a type to n*ggas/And shout to all my boss b*tches wifing n*ggas/Make sure you hit em’ with the prenup”

This line is bad. He’s making seem as if Meek is little homie in the relationship and no mans ever wants that. No man wants a woman to outshine him in a relationship. The prenup line is the worst though, now not only are you being outshined in the relationship Drake’s saying your girl is the bread winner. Basically, Nicki is going to work everyday and Meek is staying home with the kids.

Please Meek… Please respond soon.

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