Kevin Hart has definitely built a major career and seems to be unstoppable. Now, he holds the Rolling Stone cover for the August 2015 issue, which apparently is something he’s always wanted to do. Guess he can check that off this bucket list. The 36-year-old comedian turned to Instagram to share his excitement with his 19.1 million followers.

During his interview with Rolling StoneHart discusses his humble beginnings, the impact fame has had on his life, why he refrains from making race jokes and more.

“A guy in the hood with two nickel bags of weed gets five years in jail, because they say they want to make an example of him, but I haven’t seen one judge make an example out of one of these police officers that killed one of these young black men. When I see videos of children being shot dead by police, I don’t talk about it because it’s something that scares me. Because I have kids. At that point, it’s not a joking matter. There is no joking there. I would not touch it.

Go behind the scenes with the “Laugh At My Pain” comedian during his Rolling Stone photo shoot.

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