Yesterday Migos were able to make an appearance on ESPN’s highly questionable to discuss Offset, being shot at in Miami, their debut album and much more.

The conversation that stuck out most during the interview was when they said the Noisey documentary was scripted. In case you missed it Noisey did a documentary earlier in the year following rap acts in Atlanta that included Young Scooter, PeeWee Longway and of course Migos. In Migos episode they were on camera with guns, which landed them in a bit of hot water especially with Offset in jail right now. If you’ve never seen it before you can view it here.

According to Quavo and Takeoff the whole thing was fake. “It was role-playing. That wasn’t our house in the first place,” Quavo said. “They gave us a script. They gave me a script. I did the script and I played it well cause y’all think it was real,” Takeoff added.

You can get the full scoop in the video below and draw your own conclusion about the situation. Are Migos saving face or was the doc really scripted? Let us know in the comments.

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