The uncertainty regarding Sandra Bland’s cause of death has caused a wave of outrage throughout the nation. Unfortunately, we’ve learned that every time we see #BlackLivesMatter throughout all of our social media outlets, chances are an innocent black person has been harmed or killed while in police custody.

Canadian artists Kalkidan Assefa and Allan Andre spent their weekend drawing a mural on Ottowa’s ‘tech wall’ honoring Sandra Bland’s life and memory.

“I really wanted it to be a celebration of her life and her spirit,” Andre said.


However, what came as no surprise to many was that the beautiful mural was vandalized less than 24 hours after it was finished.

Sandra’s name was covered with words that read “All Lives Matter.” But do they really? How much can the life of an innocent black person matter if an artistic mural that was meant to celebrate her life and memory was vandalized? CLAfperUAAALBak

A white mustache and letters were also drawn on Bland’s face. So, tell me again, which lives matter? Because in an attempt of showing that “all lives matter”, what the vandals really did was show that not all lives matter, especially not Blands.

But we know that her life and memory really do matter. And luckily, the mural was redone!

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