Two seasons ago, The Redskins moved their training camp to Richmond, Virginia. The NFL was attempting to bring awareness to the city and state, which doesn’t contribute a team to the NFL.

The Redskins, along with third-party media monitoring services Meltwater and TVEyes, recently released a report that summarized the economic impact the Washington NFL team has created with their move.

According to the reports there were “7,845,460,401 unique visitors of print/online coverage” of training camp from July 24-Aug. 12 of 2014.

…But the Census estimate tells us only 7.26 billion people exist in the world.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 3.37.52 PM

The report described their methodology as this:

“If six articles on contain the specified search terms within the specified timeframe, the website’s unique visitor count (and accompanying value) is multiplied by six.”

Complete nonsense? Yes.

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