Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences recently published a new study which states that music can enhance a person’s memory and verbal intelligence.

Some college kids are under the impression that music- classical to be exact- will make them smarter, and will study to the tunes of Beethoven, Mozart and Bach. But that’s not really what is meant when it’s said that “music makes us smarter.” It’s being able to understand and play music that can enhance ones learning ability and skills.

The recent study discovered why musicians tend to have better memory and learning abilities than those who are tone deaf. Researchers found that musical training could have a big impact on the neurodevelopment during adolescence. They worked with two sets of high schoolers for further experiments. One set was part of a musical training group and the other was part of a Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps program. Though both groups were able to complete all of the language tasks, the musically trained group was accelerated with cortical development.

The results show that people, especially those who gets head start with music training, can accelerate their memory, brain development and literacy skills among other things.

Music training could be a very fun thing for most people, while enhancing the brain in many ways!

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