It’s 2015 and innocent black people are still being killed over senseless reasons. However, the situation only gets worse when cops, whose actions have been caught on body cams, try to justify their actions by claiming that they were “fearing for their lives.”

Cincinnati officer Ray Tensing was officially indicted by a grand jury and charged with murder and voluntary manslaughter last week. The indictment came shortly after a video that shows him murdering 43-year-old Sam Dubose with a point-blank range shot to the head surfaced the internet.

Dubose, who was found to be unarmed, was initially pulled over for not having a front license plate.

Tensing continues to plead not guilty on all charges, while his attorney Stew Matthews tries to justify his defendants actions with claims like,

“Tensing was in fear of his life at the time this happened.”


“Mr. DuBose pulled away and his arm was caught in the car and he got dragged…He was almost run over by the driver and was forced to shoot the driver.”

I call bullish*t on this one. Anyone who has seen the video was able to tell that Dubose never even attempted to pull off before Tensing fired his shot, which left Dubose dead at the scene.

Tensing, who seems to have no realization of what he’s actually done and the damage he has caused, is busy fighting to get his job back. He claims that it is “unfair” that he was dismissed, while two other officers who followed in his lies to protect themselves were able to maintain their jobs.

We need to do better.

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