In the midst of constantly mourning civilians we sometimes forget how often officers put their lives on the line and how it sometimes can be fatal. Attacks have left 19 officers dead this year nationwide. The latest victim was officer Sean Bolton who was shot multiple times over the weekend by a passenger in a car during a routine traffic stop in Memphis, Tennessee.

The deaths include veterans as well as rookies and go across the nation ranging from Arizona to New York. There are also officers who die from causes other than murder such as traffic accidents and that figure is at 64 for the year 2 more than last year at this time. 

Here are the officers who have lost their lives due to violence from January up until now:

Arizona: Alex Kee Yazzie
This police officer was killed during a shootout on the Mexican border with a suspect in March. He served as a police officer for 14 years. 

Arkansas: Reserve Deputy Sonny Smith
Smith was shot and killed while responding to a burglary call in Johnson County back in May.

California: Sgt. Scott Lunger
Lunger was a father of two and served as an officer for over a decade before being gunned down in a traffic stop last month. He was 48.

Officer Michael Johnson: 
Johnson was killed in march while responding to a call about a man who was about to commit suicide. Upon arrival officers were met with gunfire. He was a 14 year old veteran.

Cincinnati: Officer Sonny Kim
Kim was fatally shot in June after a man called and said he was about to commit suicide. When officers arrived they were met with gunfire. Kim was 48, had three children and was married.

Georgia: Officer Terence Green
Green was killed in an ambush shooting after responding to shots fired in a Georgia suburb. Green was 48.

Idaho: Sgt. Greg Moore
The veteran police officer was apart of the police force for 16 years before he was killed after stopping a “suspicious man” during a traffic stop in May.

Louisiana: Deputy Marshal Josie Wells
This 27-year-old male was shot after serving a search a warrant on a murder suspect in Baton Rouge. He had been apart of the force for four years and his wife was expecting their first child.

Mississippi: Officers Liquori Tate and Benjamin Deen
Tate was fresh off graduating the police academy when he went to help fellow officer Benjamin Deen during a traffic stop. Both men were fatally shot on the scene. Deen was a married father of two, and 34 at the time

Nebraska: Officer Kerrie Orozco
Before her fatal shooting in May Officer Kerrie was a coach, new mother, girl scout leader and more. She was shot while trying to arrest a man wanted for a shooting in Omaha. She was just 29 years old.

New Orleans: Officer Daryle Holloway, Officer James Bennett Jr.
Holloway was 45 when he was shot while taking a suspect to jail. He had worked within the New Orleans police department for 22 years. Bennett was on a security detail when he was fatally shot. He had been apart of the police force for decades.

New Mexico: Officer Gregg Brenner
Brenner who was a father of five was gunned down during a traffic stop in May. He had worked for the Rio Rancho police department for four years.

New York: Officer Brian Moore
Moore was in a unmarked vehicle in May with his partner when he was fatally shot down. After asking a man about something suspicious within his waistband the man allegedly pulled a gun from his waistband and opened fire killing Moore and injuring his partner.

Philadelphia: Officer Brian Wilson
Wilson was shot down after attempting to buy his son a video game while the store was being robbed. He had been a police officer for 8 years.

Texas: Officer Richard Martin
Martin was intentionally struck by a vehicle while trying to put down spikes during a high-speed chase. He was 48 and apart of the Houston police department.

Wisconsin: State Trooper Trevor Casper
On his first solo assignment as a state trooper Casper was killed. He was killed while chasing down a bank robber suspect in Fond du Lac.

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