Even the first lady would be Beyoncé if she could!

Michelle Obama is trying to inspire students to get an education further than high school with her Reach Higher initiative. As part of the her initiative, Michelle sat down and answered a series of questions that were submitted by students all around the world. The first lady invited rapper Wale to join her and co-host the Q&A session.

Wale read questions like, “If you had the opportunity to have a different occupation, what would it be?”

“I would be Beyoncé. I’ve got the hands,” she answered as she did the accompanying ‘Single Ladies’ hand shimmy.

Michelle isn’t just a member of The Beehive, her friendship with Beyoncé goes back to President Obama’s first run for office. Since then, Queen Bey has performed for their first Inaugural Ball, Obama’s second inauguration, and has helped the first lady in her Let’s Move! campaign, which promotes exercise.

The admiration goes both ways though. In 2012, Beyoncé penned letter to the first lady, where she expressed her admiration. Watch the video below.

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