Back in 2008, Yours Truly did a short film on the now fully formed artist Miguel. He gave a tour of his San Pedro, CA childhood apartment, did an acapella and even spoke of a label who he just didn’t seem to be good enough for.

“Either the material wasn’t good enough for them [the A&Rs], or I wasn’t black enough, or they said ‘You’d have to change your name or you’d have to change your music.'”

The 2008 film was never released, but maybe for the best. Yours Truly flew back to L.A. to meet up with Miguel again and speak on his journey since their last encounter. Weaving in and out between old and new footage, we see Miguel go from the kid who was turned down from a label, to becoming one of the best current R&B artists.

Almost 7 years after the original footage was documented, a successful  Miguel gets to look back and relive parts of his journey through someone else’s eyes.

“Growing up in L.A. I think prepares you in an interesting way, because you start to learn about hope and desperation really early. You’re kinda acclimated to the possibilities of not making it, because you’ve seen so many people around you who didn’t.”

About The Author Andrea Vega

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