Cube told Daily Beast he feels like Drake is winning right now but Meek can come back easily. Ice cube finds the internet beef hilarious, and went on to say:

It’s funny. To me it’s like going back to the essence of Hip Hop. Who can rap the best? I don’t think anybody’s going to get jumped or get their asses whooped, but it’s fun to sit back and watch.

The N.W.A rapper had his own rap beef at one point. In 1991 he recorded the song “No Vaseline” to talk smack about his group members and why he decided to go solo. He later said that after physically fighting the members, they realized fighting wasn’t contributing to the success. Ice Cube went on to say:

“We were like, We should just keep this on wax. No matter how mad we get and how much shit we talk. Let’s keep it on wax because once we take it to the streets it ain’t Hip Hop no more. It’s gangbanging.’ We all fought to try to get out of the gangbang lifestyle and not have to deal with that every day. Why go back?”

The fight is going to be remade in the new movie Straight Outta Compton, due out in theaters August 14.

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