Who said rappers don’t give back to their people?

Yesterday, Big Sean made a trip to Chipotle in New York before performing at Madison Square Garden for the 2014 Forest Hills Drive Tour.  Instead of just buying for the people in his crew, before eating his food and leaving he paid for everyone’s food.

Whether it was a taco, burrito or bowl yesterday it was on Big Sean’s tab.

Big Sean is an admitted Chipotle-addict.  Earlier this year, he told GQ his go-to order:

“My go-to Chipotle order is the salad bowl with extra rice and either chicken or barbacoa depending on what I had the last time and no guac for me. I don’t really like avocado,” the rapper admitted.

You can view the photos of Sean and the excited fans, below.  Good stuff, Sean.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 8.44.33 AM Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 8.45.20 AM

The G.O.O.D Music rapper made a stop in New York for J.Cole’s “Forest Hills Drive Tour,” which is heading to Mansfield, Massachusetts next.

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