In the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement, we must remember a few of the original incidents that not only sparked national outrage, but also have yet to receive justice.

Dorian Johnson, the friend that accompanied Mike Brown the day he was fatally shot by on-duty officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, has since lost his apartment, his job, his independence, and his credibility.

In an interview, Johnson gives his account of several unfortunate events that have happened to him since the killing of his friend including being arrested with his brother, having feelings of being followed, and being told the “Hands Up, Dont Shoot” slogan he is largely accredited for creating being turned into a lie.

On the verdict for the Mike Brown case, Johnson says,

“It seems like the prosecutor got what he wanted — a non-indictment, and slowly everything is quieting down, kind of just being swept under the rug.”

Check out the full article about Johnson here.

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