Jus one year after the protests in Ferguson, many wonder what good came out of the rioting and basic shut down of such a small city. After all, 18-year-old Mike Brown’s family has yet to receive justice for his death, and many black men and women have been killed since then. Some were caught on camera and blasted on social media like a modern day lynching, others weren’t caught on camera but still spread like a wildfire.

But, what good has come of the rioting, the almost “police state” Ferguson found themselves in? Well, fast forward one year later and laws across the country have made it mandatory for some on-duty police officers to wear their body cameras, and have their patrol car dash-cam turned on.

It also was Ferguson that sparked a national debate on race issues and discriminatory policies in our country, and it was the specific incident that outraged Americans with the “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” slogan where Brown’s friend Dorian Johnson reenacted Brown’s demeanor when officer Darren Wilson pointed his gun at [Brown].

Also, for the first time in his Presidency, Barack Obama not only acknowledged the injustices black people experience as a whole, but also passed an executive order creating the Task Force on 21st Century Policing in December to help police and communities to bridge gaps and work together toward a safe and secure neighborhood.

Seems like a ton of good has come out of the rioting and madness that was just a year ago. Maybe it needed to happen as to create a butterfly affect of change to come. Tell us what you think, do you see major changes since the Ferguson riots?

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