The best way to deal with societal woes is to laugh at them as Jon Stewart proves. For the last 16 years Stewart has brought laughs and jokes to the more serious side of society and everything stemming from the political realm. From grueling presidential races to the sensitive subjects dealing with racial oppression, police brutality, civil rights and social change, he has used his voice in mighty way. Indeed he has shown us just how well he can juggle wisdom with satire.

Although it’s unclear what Jon has next under his belt surely we will miss the wit he brought to delivering “fake news,” or shall we say, “real jokes on real news.” His unwavering blunt and honest persona has made him someone America could rely on each and every night to shed light on the truth behind all his jokes.

We’ll never forget the vast impact that The Daily News has had on pop culture in changing the way we think and deliver news around the world. As we celebrate this moment in Television, we re-live some of the best moments when Jon’s rants kept us on the edge of our seats as he stood up for why ALL LIVES MATTER and shaming the prejudice stilled experienced in 2015 .

Here are 5 Times When Jon Stewart Was The Most Outspoken Civil Rights Activist On TV:

1. Instagate

2. White Privilege Does Exist

3. Charleston Shooting, No Jokes

4. Wack Flag

5. Assault Swim

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