Update: 8/10/15

The victim of the officer involved shooting that left a young man in critical condition is revealed to be Tyrone Harris Jr. His father tells STL Today that his son has undergone surgery following the shooting, and remains in critical condition.

In addition to the shooting dealing with Harris, another shooting reportedly took place close to the Canfield Green Apartment complex where Mike Brown was shot down just a year ago. No officers are involved. According to the Washington Post, the victims were 17 and 19, respectively. No serious injuries have been reported.

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A day that was supposed to be peaceful in honor of the late Mike Brown turned violent Sunday night when protests grew out of hand. Protestors allegedly threw bottles and rocks officers, prompting them to critically injure a man whom they say fired at him.

The man has yet to be identified, and is in his early 20’s. He’ll be going in for surgery early this morning.

Throughout the day vigils were held to honor the late teen. Participants came out and stayed silent for 4 and a half minutes to signify the 4 and a half minutes he laid slain in the street a year before.

However the suspect’s gunfire Sunday night shifted the focus from the peaceful vigils that took place that day.

When officers first saw him, he was running after allegedly firing at an unknown person. Shots rang out as reporters were speaking with active police chief Andre Anderson, and after that crowds scattered.

He ran towards a fenced area, still shooting until officers fired back and struck him multiple times. Four different officers shot and are all on administrative leave as of right now.

The night became eerie and tense as rumors about the shooting spread. Protestors and police faced off on West Florissant Avenue, which isn’t far from where Brown was shot.

Several objects were thrown and damaged a few businesses, according to the St. Louis County Police Department. A journalist was mugged in a parking lot, 3 St. Louis County police officers were injured, and eventually a tactical unit had to be called in. 

Early this morning another shooting took place: this time a man in a red hoody shot two teens in the chest, said the St. Louis County Police Department.

Both of the teens are facing non-life threatening injuries authorities reported. The teens were walking on a sidewalk near where Brown was killed this time last year. 

Early today smoke bombs were threw to disperse the crowd, but protestors are expected to return. Hopefully these protests can be carried on without violence. Stay tuned for more details.



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